Corporate depositors have a reason to care about their banks’ financed emission risks

  • An estimate of large technology companies has found that they had much more emissions exposure from their cash deposits than from their operations
  • Some companies may be more effective in reducing their emissions footprints by advocating for responsible finance policies with their banks than by pursuing operational investments
  • As corporate treasury balances finding returns on their free cash, they will have an opportunity and an obligation to understand and mitigate their financed emissions risks
  • What is the level of linkage between a company’s decisions in terms of its ability to effectuate change for a tech company’s deposits compared to their own direct emissions?
  • How much of these banking emissions could be reduced in response to a single company considering where they should invest their surplus cash?



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Blake Goud

Blake Goud

Promoting adoption of responsible finance in Islamic markets & Islamic finance. CEO @RFIFoundation.